Friday, 12 April 2013

The Buggy Meltdown

I genuinely thought we had escaped the joys of the buggy meltdown. Alas it seems EDtot was merely biding her time.

We had decided to head to the South Bank on a rainy day and meet a friend for a stroll around the Tate Modern. I was prepared for EDtot to want to be carried a lot as the latest molar pushing through has reactivated clingy mode, but in fact she was having a fab time walking around,enjoying the space of the Turbine Hall, telling tourists where she was off to and admiring the neon lights in one of the exhibitions.

I was therefore woefully unprepared for the first ever total meltdown at being placed back in the buggy when it was time to leave. Most of EDtot's little friends had already expressed their buggy rage some months ago when they had found walking far more fun, but we had not experienced this joyous spectacle presumably due to her late entry into the world of mobility.

I never knew she was actually that strong or how incredibly difficult it is to manoeuvre even a tiny tot when they are arching their back and flailing around. It was quite a feat on her part and therefore probably worthy of the audience she had gained with her screams. I was not, however, enjoying the experience.

Thankfully the rest of the day was thoroughly enjoyable, in part thanks to the cocktails that followed, but I would love to know how others deal with the buggy battle. Do tell!

p.s. if you're heading to the Tate Modern with a tot, please note the under 5's zone has been removed.

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