Thursday, 20 June 2013


♪ Baah bah ba-bap, baah bah ba-bap, baah bah ba-bap baaaah... ♪ (surely that works if you've read the post title!)

Summer, Wimbledon, Pimm's... all things that seem linked in my mind. Or at least they did. We are days away from the start of the prestigious tennis Championships and that makes me think of only one thing... the ante-natal ward at King's College Hospital.

It was almost two years ago that I was sweltering away (we actually had a summer that year!), sitting on a bed in the hospital ward watching the tennis tournament. I had been referred to the hospital by my midwife for high blood pressure. They told me I would be monitored for four hours. It later transpired they meant "every" four hours.

So for four days I sat in the hospital watching Wimbledon. I'm sure many people would relish the opportunity to watch so much of the action on Centre Court. I would have enjoyed it too...on my couch...with the fan on. It was a scary, exciting and tiring time and the opening theme music for Wimbledon brings back memories of that week just before EDtot entered our lives. Pimm's reminds me of the days after...

Just kidding...I needed something stronger than Pimm's!

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