Friday, 5 July 2013

I No Like

That's our current favourite phrase. Everything is placed in the No Like category at some point in the day. Even the much loved In The Night Garden balloon (bought on a recent trip to the Live Show at the O2 - t'was fab) has almost reduced EDtot to tears. The reasons are random. The poor balloon had the audacity to be too close to her...never mind that she had placed it there.

It is fascinating to watch her explore the world around her and categorise her Likes and No Likes. It also results in some lovely moments when Mama is placed in the Like box. Hopefully it'll stay that way for a while yet!

One thing that was definitely liked was our recent trip to Dalscone Farm. It is huge with an indoor soft play area and really good cafe. Outside is even more exciting and includes trampolines, ride on toys, bumper boats, mini racers, climbing frames, a sandpit, mini golf, a zip line, alpine slide and, of course, the animals. To top it all off, it has a massive toy shop (and it is separate to all the action so you don't have your tot pleading with you to buy something on the way out!).
 Unfortunately... it is nowhere near South East London. It is in Dumfries. In Scotland. Far, far away. I would very much like it to move down South. I might pop that on a feedback form. It provided hours of fun for EDtot on our trip up to visit the Grandparents. It was only on the way out that we heard the first I No Like of the day and that was directed at our car.

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