Saturday, 7 December 2013

ED Christmas Cracker

What a lovely day! It started well with EDtot waking up at 8:30am!! 8:30! Usually that means she's ill, but thankfully at the moment there are only the usual seasonal snuffles to contend with (touch wood). So we were all happy this morning after a decent night's sleep.

After a trip to the playground and lunch at a local pub, we headed down to check out the East Dulwich Christmas Cracker - the Lordship Lane and North Cross Road street festival. It was a busy old afternoon on the Lane, but amongst the crowds we managed a rare sighting of the ED yeti.

EDtot was not impressed though and continued painting her Christmas tree at the craft stall for the afternoon parade.

Unfortunately we missed the parade as we were too busy enjoying an impromptu pub crawl down the Lane. We did, however, find our favourite winter street market stall... the chestnut stall! Our pleas from last year have been heard and our local Rye Books have expanded into the chestnut/mulled cider market. We hear they'll be there every Saturday at the usual North Cross Road market. Hurrah!

The final destination for us was The Plough for both one final glass of bubbly and to buy our Christmas Tree from the stall outside. It was our top choice both thanks to the free delivery and the donation to charity that they made for each tree sold. And cos it was outside a pub.

So after a fun day out on the Lane, we now have to figure out where to stash all the rubbish that is currently cluttering our living room so that we can decorate the tree tomorrow. Don't you love December?

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