Thursday, 7 February 2013

Duvet Day?

We're having 'one of those weeks'. You know those times when you want to just hide under the duvet? When illness is compounded by daily chores that don't get the hint that you're not interested. When suddenly a number of matters all require your immediate attention. Add to that a toddler, who better be going through a phase, and even coffee/wine (delete as applicable to time of day) is powerless to help.

EDtot's current phase seems to follow a theme of No, That Isn't What I Want And Nothing You Can Do Will Make Me Happy, Ever. It's an interesting one and she's certainly throwing herself into the role wholeheartedly. There is the odd slip in character when a biscuit derails her, but on the whole, she's nailed this one. A particularly fine performance included the scene on the Lane entitled I Don't Want To Hold My Water Bottle, But I Don't Want You To Have It Either. I was half expecting her to break into I Dreamed A Dream between sobs.

It's times like these that I am incredibly glad that we live in such a brilliant corner of London. There is so much on our doorstep for kiddies, but also for frazzled mums. Out of the many activities that fill our week, there are two that are truly sanity-saving.

The first is Sing and Sign. EDtot loves it. I'll never forget the first time she realised she could communicate with us. She had signed 'milk' and watched as a bottle was made for her. Clearly she was in shock from the revelation as she proceeded to drink the milk despite having sworn off the stuff a few weeks previously. If the promise of the next class isn't on the horizon, the Sing and Sign dvd normally helps to bridge the gap.

The second is Hummy Mummies. The choir for mums with tiny tots. An hour spent belting out (or in my case murdering) tunes whilst EDtot plays with the other kids tends to be a fantastic endorphin booster. It's lovely to have an activity for me that doesn't eat into precious evening or weekend time. It's also handy that you can pop along to any of the sessions that week in case you miss one (and it doesn't hurt that we often end up in the pub after the afternoon session!).

Whilst these two activities both serve to restore my sanity temporarily, I do question my state of mind in general. After finally settling a cranky EDtot for the night, the last thing you'd want to do is wake her, right? How can it be possible then after a long, tiring day to head up to bed and think 'Wouldn't it be nice to pop in and give her a cuddle'?? Madness.

p.s. No, I didn't wake her.

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