Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Dinosaur Trail

We really did have a beautiful summer, didn't we? The weather has turned now and autumn is in full swing. It is my favourite time of year though with all the colours in the trees and that lovely crisp smell in the air. If the wonderful summer weather meant you spent most days in your local park and you can no longer face going back to the same paths and swings, then have a look at one of the many other options we have in South East London.

Crystal Palace Park is accessible by many different bus routes, a train line and has a few car parks dotted around. There's a decent amount of things to see and do in the park including the usual children's play area, cafe, lake and a small farm.

The old One O'Clock Club has become a pre-school on weekdays, but on Saturdays and in the school holidays the centre, now called Diddy Dinos, opens for drop-in Pay and Play. I really missed the old One O'Clock Club so I was thrilled when I found out we could still pop along on certain days. EDtot loves the paint and craft options and the outdoor space has so much to offer the under 5's.

EDtot's favourite part of the park though is definitely the Dinosaur Trail. She loved sitting on EDdad's shoulders trying to "find" the dinosaurs hidden in trees. Can you spot any? :)

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