Sunday, 19 January 2014

London as a Tourist

We recently had rellies over from Australia and therefore had the fun task of heading out sightseeing in London Town. That isn't sarcasm by the way. I love sightseeing in my home town. We don't get to do it often as we normally have to contend with all the real tourists at the weekend, but this time it was a weekday jaunt into town.

We didn't have any plan of action which made me a tad jittery. I don't fare well without a plan at the best of times let alone when we are about to tackle major landmarks with two kiddies in tow. It would have been a lot cheaper to formulate a plan to see everything on public transport, but we ended up jumping on a tour bus at London Bridge as it saved brain power. They are very expensive, but if you get one with a good guide (and on a day when the traffic isn't hellish), they can be fun. Unfortunately we managed to mainly catch ones that had no guide so you could only listen to the recorded tour...well, you could if you didn't have a toddler.

We only jumped off the bus a couple of times; once for the London Eye and once for Harrods. I have only ever been to Harrods when rellies are visiting. I never considered it a place to actually shop. However, it is certainly a fab place to drop into if you have a kiddy with you. Have you seen the toy section?? It is huge! We spent ages wandering round, saying hello to all the mahoosive stuffed animals and playing with the demo toys. Obviously the toy section isn't Hamleys size, but if you're in Knightsbridge, it's worth popping in.


A fun day out, but next time I will definitely be spending a little longer planning routes on the bus, train, river bus and tube to make it a cheaper and probably more fun experience for the kids. Oh, and in a taxi, as that seems to be the only way, other than walking, to go past the front of Buckingham Palace.

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