Thursday, 6 December 2012

It's Beginning to Feel a Lot Like Christmas.

The tree is up and slowly being decorated. The cards are all written ready for posting. The presents are almost all bought and wrapped. We are so on top of Christmas this year! This will be our first Christmas in London as a family and whilst I am very grateful for the holidays we've been able to enjoy in previous years up in Scotland and over in the Far East with our respective families, I am so looking forward to waking up on Christmas morning in my own bed and not having to drive or fly anywhere.

EDtot is a little concerned that a real life tree is residing in the spot that used to be her playarea. It is times like this that I am quite glad she is suspicious of new things as it has meant the tree has not yet been attacked or toppled. I am not sure the decorations will be so lucky. I am hoping to help EDtot make a decoration to add to the tree and if we manage to make it a yearly event, she can eventually have her own mini-tree with all her decorations hanging on it. Now I just need some ideas of what to make that a 17 month old can help with.

There are so many fabulous local events on in the run up to Christmas and the EDtots' site Calendar is filling up with Discount Shopping Days and Christmas Fairs. We attended one last Saturday, but the queue for Santa's  grotto was a little too long for us to wait so we retired to the pub instead. I was thrilled to see some pubs are branching out from the standard mulled wine. One even had Hot Apple Tuaca! I could have stayed all day.

We'll be heading off down Lordship Lane to find some scrummy chestnuts for roasting. I've always bought ones from the stalls on Oxford Street and never realised that they can taste just as good (and often a lot less  burnt) if I made them myself. Wouldn't it be lovely though if there was a stall on Northcross Road throughout December that sold them? Yum.

Send over any crafty ideas for our EDtot Christmas Decoration and we'll post a pic once we've chosen one and made it!


  1. Enjoy your time at home this year! I love that you went to the pub of visiting Santa! :) xx

  2. Thanks! I'd like to think our EDtot was also quite pleased with the detour to the pub. xx


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