Monday, 31 December 2012


We've officially entered Toddlerdom. I can tell you this just by looking around the living room. It happened overnight and that night was Christmas night. When we went to bed, there were a few books and toys lying around. By the time we sat down for Christmas lunch, the living room floor had become an assault course.

If you wanted to sit on the couch, you risked losing a toe to get there. This isn't because Santa had been a little too generous with gifts this year; it is thanks to toddler toys consisting of many, many pieces. The soft, squidgy baby toys tended to have a handful of parts at most. Toddler toys tend to have 20+ parts that are definitely not soft or squidgy.

So it looks like it is time to say farewell to the little baby days and baby toys. I'll miss you. My feet will miss you. I wonder what else Toddlerdom has in store. See you in 2013!


  1. You just wait until she starts on the teeny tiny lego!! :D Happy New Year! xxx

    1. Argh! Yes, am dreading it not only for injury potential, but sheer effort required to tidy it each time. EDdad probably can't wait! Happy New Year! xx


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