Wednesday, 5 December 2012

So Here We Go...

Everyone's at it! Blogging, that is. I am very late to the table. I thought blogging was mainly one person's need to empty their thoughts onto t'internet and hope that other people were interested. Then I read some very funny, interesting, witty and informative blogs and realised there is so much more to it. That does not mean this will in fact be one of those blogs, but hopefully there will be something here to tickle your fancy!

EDtots, the website, was set up as a result of my decision to stay at home with my then 6 month old East Dulwich tot. I needed to find classes and activities in my corner of London that helped me escape the house and helped EDtot find a release from the stresses of baby/toddler life. Turns out there are many stresses for a tot ranging from teething to being expected to put clothes on every single day.

So as soon as EDtot slept for more than 5 hours at a time, I set about figuring out how to Build a Website. After 3 hours I gave up and created a Google Site. One day I'll learn how to Build a day. After agonising over colours and themes, it was finally time to find all the information on pre-school classes, activities and playgroups in East Dulwich and the surrounding areas. That took a while, but the site now proudly boasts a range of listings from newborn music classes to toddler cooking courses.

I've had some amazing feedback on the site and how useful it is to local mums (and dads, nannies, childminders, etc) and I'm very grateful for all the lovely comments and helpful info that has been posted. I'm hoping to use this blog as a way of expanding on all the fabulous things there are to see and do in the local area and any fun days out we have outside our little bubble in South East London.

I hope you enjoy reading it. x


  1. Welcome to the Blogging World, Blogger is definitely a good place to start! Looking forward to reading about what you're up to! Em :) xx

  2. Thanks Em! Your blog is one of the brilliant ones referred to above. xx


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